devira massage

The Essence of Relaxation

Intensive Relaxing

Post date 2015-05-17 10:29:05

Relaxing massage for 90 min treatment, working focusing the back side, shoulder neck, leg, and front side and head with pressing meridian point to relax muscles and blood circulation (suggested for beginner customer).


Post date 2015-05-17 10:30:04

Massage techniques with long stroke and pressure all the meridian point applied along the meridians to release the tension and to unblocked the flow energy.

Acupressure working very deep and strong, just empty your mind when have this pressure, after you will feel very light and relax after 2 hours treatment.


Post date 2015-05-17 10:30:35

Foot massage to stimulating and applying pressure, increasing circulation and promoting specific bodily and muscular function, reflex zone of the internal body organ for 60 min treatment.


Post date 2015-05-17 10:31:02

Massage with relaxing, acupressure, reflexology combination and mixing to comfort mind and body into a sense of warmth and balances for 2,5 hours treatment.